Our signature training program, Breakthrough Action, rests on the application of three key principles: self-reflection, responsibility, and creating collective leadership.

The function of leadership is to effectively move from declaration, or promise, to delivery, or fulfillment of that promise. We believe the capacity to manifest this leadership function is natural, only requiring release or breakthrough.

How does it work?
Our Breakthrough Action training program is a stand-alone program as well as the foundation upon which all of our programs are built. Breakthrough Action trains you to practice the principles of self-reflection, responsibility and creating collective leadership in the areas where you are challenged or stopped. You look at the places where you already experience success and notice how you already practice these principles in those areas. Gaining proficiency with the key principles allows you to build more success.

Who is this training geared toward?
Breakthrough Action is geared toward people wishing to move to an active and conscious form of leadership practice and to develop in the areas where they are stuck. We teach Breakthrough Action to people who have been unable to advance past a certain level of leadership or who have been unable to increase their sphere of power or influence. Quite simply, Breakthrough Action training is for anyone who wants to expand his or her leadership effectiveness.

What results can I expect?
Breakthrough Action practice trains participants to be responsible for the level of leadership they have already achieved and to be self reflective in their ability to see internal practices that have resulted from their successes and failures. Breakthrough Action trains participants to get into action, to build their own leadership practice and that of those around them. It is finally action, informed by the conscious practice of Breakthrough Action principles, which will have participants consistently develop their fullest leadership capacity.