Individual Leadership Development


The DKBWAVE Executive Coaching program provides feedback, perspective, encouragement and new ways to tackle situations.

Our Executive Coaching program is goal-oriented and results-focused. A DKBWAVE coaching relationship is a professional alliance where we guide executives to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want and need to be.

A DKBWAVE Executive Coach is…
… a mentor who believes in you and helps you set bigger goals
… a manager to break down your goals into do-able bits
… a personal trainer to help keep your momentum going
… a sports coach to critically assess your performance and improve the way you
play your game


Participants are trained in a dynamic environment where they have the opportunity to practice coaching during the very first session.

Today’s leaders know that giving advice and direction, as a leadership skill, tends to produce employees who need more advice and more direction. DKBWAVE’s Coaching for Leaders training gives managers an alternative communication skill designed to turn their employees into effective, internally directed leaders. Through leadership coaching, employees take responsibility for their work and come back with well thought out solutions for exploration and discussion. The DKBWAVE coaching model is simple, effective and produces immediate results.


Peer Coaching trains coaching partners to develop each other’s existing leadership capacity while actively promoting initiative and accountability.

Peer Coaching is a non-hierarchical process where coaching partners are focused on the leadership development goals being created. Meeting in person, on the phone, or even virtually, partners learn how to coach and be coached, maintain standard professional boundaries, be non-judgmental and non-threatening, and keep strict confidentiality concerning each other’s information. Peer coaching is an excellent way to introduce coaching as a leadership skill into an organization and the first step in building a management cohort with strong coaching skills.


A 360-degree Assessment, or multi-rater feedback, is a functional tool used for leadership development planning.

DKBWAVE is proficient in administering a 360-degree assessment tool, which gathers information from subordinates, peers, and supervisors. Unlike upward feedback, where managers get feedback by direct reports, or a traditional performance appraisal, where employees are reviewed by their managers, a 360-degree assessment gathers information in all directions, from all levels. At DKBWAVE we follow up each 360-degree assessment with coaching, to help your organization deal with all parts of the assessment and help to develop a solid plan for addressing weaknesses and improving effectiveness. We recommend the use of the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) 360-degree assessment tool.