Supporting Effective Leadership


Collaborative Team Building has long been recognized as an essential leadership skill.

For organizations working across platforms, across disciplines, and across ever more inclusive workplace settings, Collaborative Team Building is a basic management and leadership requirement. We help troubleshoot and train teams who might be struggling with ongoing internal and external challenges, teaching them how to organize around shared goals; establish working norms and standards; and negotiate effectively through conflicts. Effective teams are good planners yet are flexible in coping with the ever shifting business environment, so they consistently bring their projects in on time. Grounding our work in our Breakthrough Action model, DKBWAVE trains and coaches leadership teams who are looking to increase or improve their effective working capacity.


An effective board of directors is the foundation of an effective organization.

Flexible enough to provide guidance, direction and real support across the full spectrum of Operations, Services and External Environment, a fully functioning board significantly expands the opportunities for your organization to achieve its mission. Unfortunately, too often organizations see board development only as a necessary evil and fail to provide the training, support and time necessary to ensure the board live up to its responsibilities and potential. DKBWAVE provides board training and development programs consistent with the goal of your board becoming a key driver in the success of your organization.


Built around research-based principles of inclusive leadership, this program invites leaders and managers to explore their existing ability to create inclusive leadership structures, processes and success.

We build on existing skills to enrich the leader’s capacity to be effective across a broad spectrum that includes race, class, gender, age, sexual orientation and identity. The key to this training’s success is that it focuses on the natural capacity of the leader rather than the particular characteristics of the community they are serving. Working most effectively in conjunction with our Breakthrough Action training, participants are challenged to join with the facilitator in a walk through their own notions of race, gender or any identity category and explore the role those notions play in their success or failure with individuals and groups. This dynamic training is fun and challenging and participants emerge with a renewed sense of their own capacity to be effective with anyone.