Supporting Effective Leadership


Effective organizations work in two simultaneous dimensions, planning for tomorrow while producing results in the present.

Strategic Now is a model for looking at the processes that are already producing today’s results in your organization. This innate organizational capacity to produce results is so fundamental it is hardly noticed. The Strategic Now model examines the actions key leadership consistently takes to produce the results they are generating in the present, with or without a formal or identified strategic plan.
This program guides you to look at the successes and failures of your organization’s current commitments and asks, “What are you already good at and where do you consistently fail?” Then the focus turns to your organization’s vision for the future, the barriers faced and actions that need to be taken to realize that future. We guide you in answering, “What would it look like if you had consistent success in the areas where you consistently fail? What keeps you from achieving consistent success? What steps do you need to take to overcome the barriers?”


DKBWAVE facilitates planning sessions and meetings where participants develop the skills needed to incorporate strategic planning into their future work.

Planning teams that don’t practice producing results right away are very good at planning and not very effective at producing. DKBWAVE strategic planning and meeting facilitation not only provides skill development for participants in strategic planning but also allows for participants to see the results of effective action throughout the strategic planning process. Teams complete the planning process experienced at producing an effective plan and delivering results now. Whether we’re facilitating a strategic planning meeting or your board’s staff retreat, the DKBWAVE approach to strategic planning delivers results from the very first meeting.


This program is specifically designed for experienced trainers and consultants who wish to train others to use our Breakthrough Action model.

Train the Trainer is a series of experiential training sessions designed to develop skill in inspiring and supporting Breakthrough Action in others. Because at its core Breakthrough Action is both a practice for the individual leader and a tool to teach other leaders, in its most natural expression it is a process of conscious self-transformation that occurs mainly through active participation in the transformation of others. Each training session starts with a demonstration of how to introduce Breakthrough Action to those whom you’re training. Participants engage in interactive sessions lead by our skilled facilitators who introduce this dynamic work in a hands-on demonstration.